Tales From Tumamoc

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What makes Tumamoc special? ¿Por qué lo visitas?

What is your connection to Tumamoc Hill? Today, just as 2500 years ago, Tumamoc is a community gathering site. Why do you walk the Hill? Why do you keep coming back? We want to better understand your relationship with this place. Stop by and share your story.

Este cerro tiene más de 2500 años de historia cultural y 115 años como laboratorio dedicado al estudio del desierto, y aún sigue siendo un pilar cultural de la comunidad de Tucson. Queremos saber por qué. Pasa a compartir tus historias y tu relación con este lugar. 

Using a unique mobile recording studio located half way up the Hill, the Desert Laboratory and the UA Confluencenter are gathering perspectives from those that walk the Hill.


We have finsihed the first round of this project and are not conducting additional interviews on a regular schedule at this time. Please stay tuned for more details on the next steps.

If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us at creddin@arizona.edu and we will schedule a time to record your story in the trailer.


To see the images and stories that emerge follow the Desert Lab and Confluencenter on Instagram at @confluencenter and @desert.laboratory