Campos de Fuego: Explorations of the Pinacate

Fall 2018 Lecture Scedule

Campos de Fuego: Explorations of the Pinacate 

Since the Hornaday expedition set off from the Desert Laboratory in 1907, captured in the book Camp fires on Desert and Lava, there has been a unique connection between Tumamoc Hill and this enigmatic volcanic range in NW Mexico. Recognized by many as the desert’s heart, the Pinacate has captivated and inspired those who have traversed its rugged slopes, peaks, and dunes. Please join four of those individuals as they connect you to this special region of our desert and in celebration of the first bilingual publication of the 1928 novel Campos de Fuego: A Brief and Fantastic History of an Expedition into the Volcanic Regions of the Pinacate by Gumersindo Esquer, Contribution 2 of the Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory.

Videos of Lectures in This Series

9/5/2018, Dan Lynch – The Pinacate Volcanoes

10/3/2018, Richard Laugharn – Time Frame: An Artist’s Long-Term Relationship with Pinacate

11/7/2018, Miguel Grageda – Sonoran Pronghorn in the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, a Story of Challenges and Adaptations

12/5/2018, Paul Dayton – The Ties That Bind: Natural History of Plant and Animal Interactions in El Pinacate