La Vaquita Marina: Where do we go from here?

Spring 2019 Lecture Series

La Vaquita Marina: Where do we go from here?

In Collaboration with CEDO, Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans celebrating their 40th anniversary

La Vaquita Marina, a small porpoise endemic to the upper Gulf of California, is on the precipice of extinction. Global scale economic pressure fuels local gill-net fishing that ensnare the vaquita, driving their numbers down to as few as a dozen individuals remaining. This lecture series with experts from Mexico and the United States will explore what lessons we can learn from an intertwined web of science, local and global economics, politics, black markets, and conservation. What can be taken from this dire situation for future conservation? Where does the middle ground exist and how do we get there?

Videos of Lectures:

1) Vanishing Vaquitas

     Dr. Barbara Taylor:

2) Stories from the Field

     Brooke Bessesen:

3) Local Livelihoods 

     Dr. Marrcela Vasquez Leon:

     Osmar Xavier Villalobos Cristerna:

4) Operation Milagro

     Eva Hidalgo

5) Lessons Learned and Market Driven Solutions

     Dr. Sarah Mesnik and Peggy Turk Boyer: