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The themes encompassed by Tumamoc Hill touch on nearly every discipline. This site has a history of over one-hundred years of science and two-thousand years of human use. Today, it receives over 1,000 visitors a day, which is likely the most use the Hill has received in its history.

The Tumamoc Arts and Science Program allows the Desert Laboratory to explore, document, and share the stories and richness of Chemamagi Do’ag, the hill of the horned lizard, in new ways. We are developing innovative synergies between multiple sources of inspiration with the space, history, culture, and environment of Tumamoc Hill at its center. Projects that connect art, science, and community hand in hand in their interpretation of observations of the natural world will be the primary focus.

Efforts include:

 Spring 2021 Seeing Math in Nature Workshops

• The Tumamoc Arts Working Group

• Desert Classroom (a series of globally unique learning opportunities hosted by our science and art experts, who guide explorations of the science of art and the art of science)

• Drawing Skills for Field Notebooks Course (our 8-week flagship Art & Science course, offered each spring)

• Art Workshops such as Nature Journaling, Nature Writing, and other art-and-science offerings

• Tumamoc Sketchbook

With support from the University of Arizona Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, we are working to:

Have the primary focus of art outcomes support innovative synergies between multiple sources of inspiration with the space, science, history, culture, and environment of Tumamoc Hill at the center in their interpretation of the natural world;

Make Tumamoc’s art space a dynamic hub for regional artists;

Facilitate a Tumamoc Arts Working Group that reflects the cultural diversity of the region;

Make the activities and space created build and nurture a strong relationship with the creative arts and science communities in Tucson and the Southwest, centered at Tumamoc Hill. 

We also welcome ideas, inquiries, and interest in this program. Feel free to email us at

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