Reopening FAQ

What hours is Tumamoc Hill open to the public?

The Hill’s walking hours remain the same: 4 am to 10 pm.

What new protocols are in place for walkers on Tumamoc Hill?

  • Walkers are asked to abide by the following new protocols while walking on the hill:
  • Wear a mask.
  • Limit group size to 3 or less.
  • Always maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others, including when passing on the road.
  • Stop at the side of the road when cars pass.
  • No spitting or clearing your nose.
  • If you are at increased risk, please walk between 6–8 am. If you are not at increased risk and can walk at others time, please consider doing so.

If I’m not at increased risk, can I still walk from 6–8 am?

Yes. However, if you are not at increased risk and can walk at other times we ask that you do so out of consideration for individuals at higher risk. 

Is it okay for me to walk with a group of more than 3 people if we have been sheltering in place together?

No. The group size of three people reflects the need to maintain at least six feet of distance from others at all times, including across the width of the road.

What do the arrows mean?

The arrows are in place to help you maintain social distance of at least six feet from other walkers at all times. Arrows are spaced 10 feet apart and be used to help gauge an appropriate distance from others.

How do I get a Tumamoc mask?

Visit to order the Tumamoc Biodiversity Mask *Variety Pack* ($37) or the Tumamoc Biodiversity Mask Duo ($23). Portions of the proceeds will support the community outreach efforts of the lab.

Can I take off my mask if I’m running?

Please do not remove your mask while on the Hill. Vigorous exercise increases exhalation, which is the primary means of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19, coronavirus).

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the hill. Service animals are allowed (vest or card/paperwork required).

Why are these protocols in place?

On a busy day, it is not uncommon for 1,500 people to walk the road on Tumamoc Hill. While these protocols require a bit of extra effort from everyone, they reflect current understanding of how to best protect individuals from SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19, “coronavirus”).

How long will these protocols be in place?

These protocols will be in effect for the foreseeable future.

Will the water fountain and porta-potties be operational?

Both porta-potties and the water fountain are operational. Please note that use of these shared facilities is at your personal discretion and comfort level. If you are not comfortable using these facilities at this time, please plan accordingly before you visit the Hill.