In addition to the research done on Tumamoc Hill, this place has a profound meaning to many of the people that frequent its slopes. You may very likely have a connection to this mountain that you regard as special. It was the site of your first date, your first rattlesnake, a walking routine that helped nurse an injury, a hard time, or a site where you come to watch the sunrise or set. These experiences make Tumamoc an integral part of our community.

The different views of Tumamoc Hill are made richer with the perspective of those that have been here the longest. The producers of the Tumamoc Tour met with a group of Tohono O’odham elders and educators. They talked about their ancestral connection to Tumamoc, and how they see this relationship as a connection to the land and the desert, and its plants. 

This is just a glimpse into another way of seeing and interpreting the landscape around us, a perspective developed over the millennia.

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