Anna Seiferle-Valencia, PhD

Research and Outreach Manager
(520) 621-6945

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I am responsible for coordinating logistics for all programmatic aspects of the Desert Laboratory's outreach and research activities and combine skillsets garnered from experience in academe, museums, collections management, and academic publishing to best support the dynamic activities of the Lab.

My research expertise is Mesoamerican archaeology and Colonial-period pictorial manuscripts, especially maps and, more recently, botanical manuscripts. My current research combines my interests in pictorial manuscripts, applied herbalism, and the sociocultural dynamics of circulation and suppression of ethnobotanical knowledge in Colonial Mexico. My initial archaeological research focused on the Chacoan Anasazi culture system and the social and ecological dynamics that contributed to the eventual “collapse” of the Chacoan Great House system. This research led me to the University of Arizona, where I completed my B.A. in Anthropology (2000). As a broadly trained Mesoamericanist, I conducted archaeological fieldwork in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras while completing my A.M. (2002) and Ph.D. (2007) in Anthropology/Mesoamerican Archaeology at Harvard University.