Pedro Alonso

PhD Student, Genetics GIDP

I am a biologist starting my PhD in the Genetics program at the University of Arizona (Fall 2021). My research interests range from phylogeography and species diversification to ecology. I will do my PhD within the Baja GeoGenomics project and my research will be focused on evolution in the Baja California Peninsula. Using genomics, I will investigate how past geological changes in the Peninsula shaped the genomic spatial patterns that occur nowadays in different species. In particular, I will be studying the population genomics of a species of rodent (Neotoma bryanti) and one cactus (Stenocereus gumosus).

Before starting the PhD, I graduated in biology and completed a MSc in biodiversity and conservation of tropical areas. During my studies, I had the opportunity to discover and learn about several groups of animals and plants. Meanwhile, I became particularly interested in mammals. The huge diversity of bats and rodents soon caught my attention, and I dedicated my BSc and MSc theses to these amazing groups. During my BSc I studied the communities of bats in Mediterranean forests of Spain, and for my MSc I got the opportunity to go the Sahara to study the awesome Saharan jerboas (Jaculus spp.). This last project introduced me both to genomics and to the study of desert wildlife, the line of research I am working on now.


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