Tumamoc Arts Working Group

In 2017 the Desert Laboratory formalized the trans-disciplinary Tumamoc Art and Science Program, the mission of which is to explore, document, and share the stories and richness of Cemamagĭ Du’ag—Hill of the Horned Lizard—in new and meaningful ways that connect art, science, and community. The program is supported in part by the University of Arizona’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.

To facilitate this vision, in 2019 we launched the Tumamoc Arts Working Group, which comprises 11 diverse artists and community representatives from across multiple disciplines who work together and with the Tumamoc team: Ben Wilder, the Director of the Desert Lab; Paul Mirocha, Artist in Residence; Anna Seiferle-Valencia, overall Program Coordinator; and Roseann Hanson, Coordinator for Art and Science.

Our overarching goals are to:

     a) Explore innovative ideas that meld art and science via the canvas of Tumamoc Hill; and

     b) Work with the Tumamoc Art and Science team, other members of the working group, and others to be identified, in developing the ideas we generate into tangible proposals and/or art projects—performance, installation, narrative, visual, and/or other genres—that engage with the many narratives of Tumamoc Hill and be manifested on the Hill.

The working group collaborates in incorporating the diverse perspectives and themes encapsulated by Tumamoc Hill. Rather than undertaking this work in isolation, it is essential for the Lab to connect to diverse ways of seeing this space and the work that can be done here. This will enrich the narratives created and their meaning in our community.

The roles of the Tumamoc Arts Working Group can be expressed in three overarching themes:




The Tumamoc Arts Working Group created a guiding principles document that is used to ensure we achieve our goals in ways that are sensitive to the many nuances encompassed in the hill. Download a copy of the current Tumamoc Arts Working Group Design Principles here.

Current working group members:

David Andres, Pima Community College, Louis Carlos Bernal Art Gallery, Advanced Program Coordinator

Yadira Caballero, University of Arizona, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

Melo (Mel) Dominguez, Galería Mitotera, Owner / Artist

Javier Durán, University of Arizona, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

Nick Georgiou, Independent Artist

Roseann Hanson, U of A Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, Art and Science Program Coordinator

Ben Johnson, Independent Artist

Paul Mirocha, U of A Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, Artist in Residence

Gary Nabhan, University of Arizona Southwest Center

Catherine Nash, Independent Artist

Logan Phillips, Independent Artist

Jacelle Ramón-Sauberan, University of Arizona, doctoral candidate and Tohono O’odham Student Association Mentor

Christian Ruvalcaba, University of Arizona, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

Anna Seiferle-Valencia, U of A Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, Program Coordinator

Benjamin T. Wilder, U of A Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, Director