Drawing Desert Reptiles: November 2020

Slithery Subjects: Drawing Desert Reptiles


November 19, 2020 | Online Workshop Hosted on Zoom

Instructor: John Muir Laws

Fee for students: $45 + Eventbrite fees


Learn the art of sketching our desert reptiles while studying their physiology and natural history. 

John Muir "Jack" Laws is one of the world's most widely known teachers of nature journaling. His approach emphasizes the growth mindset—that anyone can learn to draw and sketch in their field notebooks and journals—while he imparts not only sketching tips and tools but also an infectious joy in nature and its creatures.

We'll host a video stream of live reptiles with Tumamoc's Robert Villa, who is also president of the Tucson Herpetological Society. Beto will introduce you to a rosy boa, a desert tortoise, and a Gila monster who will model while you learn to sketch.


On the Zoom web platform, Jack will begin the class at 4 pm and teach through a combination so demonstrations and lectures.

Suggested Supplies

  • Pencil (any will do) and kneaded or white eraser
  • Non-photo blue pencil by Prismacolor
  • Pen and notebook or journal

Schedule (in AZ time)


4 pm to 6 pm — live instruction / demos on Zoom with a Q&A as well.


By the end of class, you will have new skills in drawing live animals you can use in your field notebooks and nature journals.

Instructor Bio


John Muir. Laws is a naturalist, artist, and educator who has dedicated his work to connecting people to nature through art and science. From an early age his parents instilled in him a deep love and respect for nature. Over the years, that love has grown to a commitment to stewardship and a passion to share the delight of exploring nature with others. As both a scientist and artist, Laws has developed interdisciplinary programs that train students to observe with rigor and to refine techniques to become intentionally curious.

Laws has written and illustrated several books including The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling (2016), The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds (2012), Sierra Birds: a Hiker’s Guide (2004), and The Laws Guide to the Sierra Nevada.