Fall 2021 Art and Science Workshops

Future Climate Proverbs with philosopher Jonathan Keats - Nov. 13, 2021

Share weather proverbs learned from previous generations, learn about current climate research, and re-imagine weather proverbs to address a changing climate.

Intro to Digital Nature Sketching: Procreate and iPad - Nov. 20, 2021

Explore the boundless world of nature sketching using an iPad, a stylus, and the Procreate app. Artist Bill Singleton will get you started with this powerful tool set by introducing digital brush types, choosing colors, planning your layout, and techniques for laying down lines and paint.

Watercolor for Field Sketching

Fearless Watercolor for Field Sketching (Video Access On Demand)

Adding watercolor to your field notebooks and nature journals need not be an elaborate and frustrating exercise in juggling dozens of colors and brushes. In this online recorded workshop, naturalist and field sketch artist Roseann Hanson will introduce you to the simple technique of mixing any color you need from a triad—three primary colors.