Researchers and Staff

Researchers and Staff

Charlotte Brown, PhD

Ike Russell Postdoctoral Fellow

Martha Ames Burgess

Research Associate and Adjunct Professor, Tohono O'odham Community College

Paul Fish, PhD

Curator Emeritus, Arizona State Museum

Professor Emeritus, School of Anthropology

Suzanne K. Fish, PhD

Curator Emerita, Arizona State Museum

Professor Emerita, School of Anthropology

Aaron Flesch, PhD

Research Scientist, School of Natural Resources and the Environment

Deborah Goldberg, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Roseann Hanson

Art & Science Program Coordinator

Trica Oshant Hawkins

Community Outreach and Conservation Education

Jonathon Keats

Research Associate

Jonathan Mabry, PhD

Research Associate, Archaeologist, Heritage Conservationist

James (Jim) Irving Mead

Chief Scientist & Site Director, The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs South Dakota

Gary Paul Nabhan, OEF, PhD

W.K. Kellogg Endowed Chair in Food and Water Security for the Borderlands

Natasha Riccio

PhD Student, Arid Land Resource Sciences

Erin Riordan, PhD

Research Associate Desert Laboratory and Southwest Center, Postdoctoral Research Associate Laboratory of Tree Ring Research

Jeffrey J, (John) Sanders, PhD

Research Scientist, Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill

Anna Seiferle-Valencia, PhD

Research and Outreach Manager

Program Manager, CAZMEX: Consortium for Arizona-Mexico Arid Environments

Managing Editor, Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory

D. Lawrence Venable, PhD

Director of Research, Desert Laboratory; Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

Benjamin T. Wilder, PhD

Director, Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill