Walk The Hill


You are welcome to walk Tumamoc Hill every day between 4 am and 10 pm, so long as you stay on the paved road. You will enjoy vigorous, healthy exercise and a beautiful desert environment with an abundance of plants, animals, and birdlife.


If you drive to Tumamoc Hill, park on the street along Anklam Road. Do not park in the parking lots of Saint Mary's Hospital or the medical offices along Anklam Road, as these spaces are designated for physicians and employees of the medical facilities as well as patients and their families. Please note that parking regulations are enforced in these lots.  

If you ride a bicycle to the hill, please lock your bike to a metal post at the entrance. Bicycles are not allowed on the hill.

About the Walk

Some people choose to walk to the midpoint and back. Others go for the summit. The upper road is steeper and has more switchbacks. There are benches along the road to allow you to stop, rest, and enjoy the view. For your convenience, a Port-a-Let and a water fountain are placed at the mid-point. Take care to protect yourself from the sun. If you walk in the dark, carry a flashlight.

Please bring plenty of water in a refillable water bottle that you can refill at the fountain.

For University police assistance, please dial UAPD at (520) 621-8273 or for emergencies dial 911 (please let 911 dispatcher know you are on UA Tumamoc hill)

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about walking the hill:

  • It is a 1.5 mile walk from base to top of hill.
  • It is a 3 mile round trip walk.
  • There is approximate 700 foot rise in elevation from bottom to top.
  • The grade is gentler on the bottom road, steeper on the upper road.

Rules and Regulations

Tumamoc Hill is an active study site and ecological reserve of the University of Arizona. You are invited to walk the Hill every day from 4 am to 10 pm. You are required to stay on the paved road and within the overlook areas noted by perimeter cables. There are no exceptions to this.

 Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Fire arms are prohibited on all University of Arizona facilities. 
  • Do not bring pets on to the preserve.
  • Stay on the paved road and please do not wander into the ecology reserve—this includes the top of the Hill.
  • Do not go beyond the fence or cables—this is a sensitive archaeological and cultural area.
  • Please step to the side when vehicles approach.
  • Please bring a refillable water bottle—a refill station has been provided for your use.
  • Please use the garbage and recycling containers at the midpoint of the Hill to dispose of any unwanted items. Please help us maintain the health of the Hill by picking up other people’s garbage.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited. Please extinguish cigarettes or any other burning object prior to entering the site.
  • For the consideration of others and the wildlife, please do not listen to amplified music or sound.
  • Bicycles and skate boards are not permitted on the Hill. For the safety and pleasure of everyone using the hill, secure your bicycle at the bicycle rack at the entrance and please leave skate boards and all skates at home. 
  • Please help protect the plants and animals of the hill by not handling, harming, or removing them from their natural setting.
  • Do not bring any plant material or animals on to the hill.
  • Drone use needs to follow University of Arizona Regulations and is not permitted unless approval of a drone request from is received. Please see Risk Management's Drone Approval Request page for more information.