Tumamoc Hill

Tumamoc Hill, home to the Desert Laboratory, is one of the most important cultural sites in the Western United States. As you walk up the Hill you walk through past, present, and future layers of over 4,000 years of human use, 115+ years of science, and over 1,000 people visiting a day.

Tumamoc Hill or Cemamagi Du’ag (O'odham), Horned Lizard Mountain, is a volcanic hill of prominent cultural and sacred significance to the Tohono O’odham Nation, including the San Xavier Wa:k District, and other Native nations.

Whether you walk the Hill for a great cardio workout, to spend  time with friends, a personal escape, for healing, or for celebration, you are walking in a special place. Please be respectful when you visit by staying on the road and leaving the space better than when you arrived.


The University of Arizona manages Tumamoc Hill in partnership with Pima County.

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