Proceedings of the Desert Lab

Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill

Edited by: Benjamin T. Wilder

Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, University of Arizona

The Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory continues discoveries of desert biomes. The focus is arid domains worldwide, especially the Sonoran Desert region, including terrestrial and marine habitats. The journal is open access and peer-reviewed connecting to the roots of the Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill. The Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory, University of Arizona, are monographic to concise in length. Submissions are welcomed from all disciplines including social, biological, and earth sciences.

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1. Felger, R.S., S.D. Carnahan, J.J. Sánchez-Escalante. 2017. Oasis at the Desert Edge: Flora of Cañón del Nacapule, Sonora, Mexico. Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory, Vol. 1:1–220.

2. Esquer, G. 2018. Campos de Fuego: A Brief and Fantastic History of an Expedition into the Volcanic Region of the Pinacate. English Edition. Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory, Vol. 2:1–154.

 Esquer, G. 2018. Campos de Fuego: Breve narración histórico-fantástica de una expedición a la región volcánica de El Pinacate, Distrito de Altar, Sonora. Edición en Español. Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory, Contribution No. 2:1–176.

3. Bird, William L. Jr. 2021. In the Arms of Saguaros: Iconography of the Giant Cactus. Proceedings of the Desert Laboratory, Vol. 3:1–222.