Fearless Watercolor for Field Sketching (Video Access)

Watercolor for Field Sketching

Watercolor for Field Sketching

Fall 2021 Workshop

Adding watercolor to your field notebooks and nature journals need not be an elaborate and frustrating exercise in juggling dozens of colors and brushes.

In this online recorded workshop (to which you will have 6 months of access), naturalist and field sketch artist Roseann Hanson will introduce you to the simple technique of mixing any color you need from a triad—three primary colors (a cyan, a magenta, and a yellow)—plus her own preferred “bonus” colors of burnt sienna and a dark blue.

It’s not hard, and it’s fast, simple, and fun—guaranteed to change your approach to adding color to your field sketches and free you from the tyranny of complexity and frustration.

You may use your own paints (we will supply a list of recommendations) or order a complete Minimalist Paint Kit (mini paint kit and palette, waterbrush, rag, clip, and mini spray bottle) or a mini paint tin with sample paints, and paint along.

NOTE: Access to this workshop is no longer available.