Tumamoc Hill

Biological / Physical Sciences

Cultural Sciences

  • Tumamoc Hill Cultural Resources Inventory, Pima County Parcel – SWCA Environmental Consultants
  • Cuéntame Más: Tales from Tumamoc – Javier Duran, Ben Wilder, Michelle Aguilera, Christian Ruvalcaba, Bill Hatcher, Yazmin Vasquez, Yadira Cabballero, Zazil-Ha Baruch Verduzco  


  • An Artistic perspective of Tumamoc Hill – Paul Mirocha
  • Illustrations and paintings of Sonoran Desert plants, animals and biomes – Bill Singleton
  • History of Astronomy on Tumamoc Hill educational video – Active Galactic Videos / Steward Observatory / Univ. of Ariz., Aaron Cargile, Tasnim Boufelfel
  • Green Planet Landmark series - BBC, Paul Williams
  • Greenhouse Journal – Nick Georgiou
  • The Gila Topminnow Returns – Kimi Eisele


List of previous research projects (since ca. 2010):

  • Ecology and conservation of reptiles on Tumamoc Hill – Matt Goode
  • A comparative analysis and intervention to support physical activity in a recreational park versus and open space in Tucson, AZ – Deanna Lewis
  • Temporal biotic homogenization in arid soils and desert plants along an urbanization gradient – Albert Barberán
  • Elf Owl Study – Aaron Flesch
  • Buffelgrass "greenness" index – Travis Bean, Steven Smith
  • Visitor impact on mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) habitat selection – Sonny Bleicher
  • Oil-Collecting Bees (Centris spp.) and Krameria oil flowers – Stephen Buchmann, Daniel Papaj, William Sabino, Bryan Danforth
  • The coexistence of native and invasive plant species in the Sonoran Desert – Anny Chung
  • Seed selection and abundance of rodents on Tumamoc Hill – Katie Keck
  • Lightning strikes on Tumamoc Hill – Carl Noggle, Ken Cummins
  • Geology student learning – Pamela Pelletier, Jessica Kapp
  • The Timing and Extent of Two Villages at Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona – Todd Pitezel, James T. Watson
  • Buffelgrass seed ecology – Pacifica Sommers
  • Adaptation and population biology of desert mistletoe (Phoradendron californicum) – Noah Whiteman, Jennifer Koop, Lauren Johnston, Kelsie Yule
  • Pollination biology of different colored barrel cactus flowers – Xing-Yue Ge

The Researchers