Active Research Projects

List of current research projects:

Scale Colony Apiary, Saguaro Biomechanics & Centris bees – Stephen L. Buchmann

Development and analysis of genomic resources for the saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) and other Cactaceae – Mike Sanderson and Alberto Burquez

Do functional tradeoffs associated with stem geometry constrain drought sensitivity in giant cacti? – David Dettman, Kevin Hultine, David Williams, Brad Butterfield, Alberto Burquez

Aquifer-Storage Change and Land-Subsidence Monitoring in the Tucson Active Management Area – Jay Cederberg (USGS), Elizabeth (Libby) Kahler, Michael Landrum, Jeff Kennedy 

Elf Owl Study – Aaron Flesch

Ecology and conservation of reptiles on Tumamoc Hill – Matt Goode

Buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliare) demography – Elise Gornish

Tumamoc Hill Cultural Resources Inventory, Pima County Parcel – SWCA Environmental Consultants

A comparative analysis and intervention to support physical activity in a recreational park versus and open space in Tucson, AZ – Deanna Lewis

An Artistic perspective of Tumamoc Hill – Paul Mirocha

Plant-Animal Interactions: Ferocactus and vertebrates – Josh Ness

Baseline data on microbial community dynamics in light of future megadrought conditions – Julie Neilson

Revisiting the Tumamoc Globeberry – Frank W. Reichenbacher

Germination rates and fitness of a desert annual plant (Pectocarya heterocarpa) grown in different rainfall environments – Joshua Scholl

Illustrations and paintings of Sonoran Desert plants, animals and biomes – Bill Singleton

SONATAS (Listening to the SOunds of NATure to undersTAnd global environmental changeS) – Anne Sourdril and Luc Barbaro

Seasonal phenology of leafing and flowering in ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)– Nick Waser and Mary Price

Temporal biotic homogenization in arid soils and desert plants along an urbanization gradient – Albert Barberán

Evaluating the microbial symbionts of an invasive grass in urban and exurban environments – Betsy Arnold

A study on the diet and web structure of black widow spiders –Pierre-Olivier Montiglio and Nicholas DiRienzo

Research Permits

If you are interested in conducting research (biological, social, physical sciences, or art-based projects) on Tumamoc Hill you will need to ill out and submit this research permit proposal. File tumamoc_permit_application2017april.docx